The Yard Blade® Details


  • Light weight, durable hardened steel blade with optional straight or serrated cutting edge.
  • 10" blade makes it easy to maneuver to cut around plants that you wish to keep.
  • Handle can be adjusted for left or right hand use, and is set to an angle to make cutting vegetation easy with the simple pull from shore.
  • Uses 1” diameter telescoping pole  (can be purchased on our website or at any local pool supply store)
  • Great for removing cattails from garden ponds.  (must cut below the water's surface to drown roots and prevent new growth*)  
  • Also great for weeding the vegetable garden and even cleaning up Day Lillies and Hostas at the end of the season!
  • Kit includes blade and all hardware required to attach to 1" telescoping pole.  (Telescoping pole sold separately)



                                    Yard Blade® Instructions

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