Speed Torq Handle™ Detailed Information

 Our Speed Torq Handle™ is 2 tools in one.  Measuring just under 5-1/2" in length, making it a speed wrench that is also a torque wrench.  We have 3 models with 8 different torque settings to prevent over tightening of your work piece or fixture.  Our wrench can't be accidentally over tightened because the internal mechanism slips and clicks when you get to the set torque.  

  • Eliminate Part Deflection
  • Clutch disengages when set pressure is reached
  • Repeatable clamping every time
  • One tool clamps and releases
  • A mill vise speed wrench that is also a torque wrench
  • 3/4" hex fits most 6" Kurt style mill vises
  • .570" hex fits most 5" Tormach style vises
  • 1/2" driver for Chick and Orange vises 

The Speed Torq Handle™ is designed for light clamping where repeatable pressures are critical.  It is especially useful with fixtures, plastics and thin walled parts, where deflection occurs.*

We recommend that the Speed Torq Handle™ not be left in the machine when running coolant, as the tool is not sealed and doing so will void the warranty.

The Speed Torq Handle™ is warranted for 30 days, if not obviously abused.

*Part deflection can occur on most materials when excessive clamping forces are used.  Excessive pressure causes warping of the work piece.  The only effective way to control part deflection is by applying consistent clamping force, adequate but not excessive.  The Speed Torq Handle™ eliminates inconsistent clamping forces every time - from vise to vise, from operator to operator.